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React Native Render HTML

Give a genuine native feeling to your HTML content.

  • 📱 Render HTML into 100% native views
  • ⚙️ Write custom tag renderers
  • 🖌️ Style tags and classes
Showcase of a component rendered with React Native Render HTML.
Coming from v4 or v5 ? Check out our migration guide.

Try out our Discovery App for an immersive mobile experience and glimpse of this library capabilities.

Scan the QR code or open the demo from the project page.. You need Expo Go App to test it.

Overview of features

Easy to Use

Despite its rich features and plugins, react-native-render-html was designed for ease of use in mind. Getting started is a matter of seconds.


The internal data structure to render elements is entirely transparent. You can easily inspect the transient tree structure and have an immediate idea of the engine belly.


Every step of the data flow can be tampered with. You can alter the DOM, customize and define elements models, implement custom renderers and defer rendering for asynchronous DOM inspection in a breeze.

Standards Compliance

This library aims at balancing adherance to the W3C and WHATWG standards with complexity and speed.

Styles Safety

Despite React Native styles and W3C CSS numerous incompatibilities, this library reconciles both standards, and brings support for properties unavailable in React Native such as list-style-type, white-space...

Production Ready

This library is ready for production, and its development test-driven. The transient node engine is CI-benchmarked to safeguard its speed.