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Create A WebView-free Blog App with React Native Render HTML, Part I

· 5 min read
Jules Sam. Randolph
Developer of React Native Render HTML v6

The Foundry Release beta is out, and I wanted to show you its powerful capabilities with a very common use-case: rendering an article from a Blog. For this case study, we will use the official React Native blog, which is build on Docusaurus. The App will feature:

  • A list of articles fetched from an RSS Feed;
  • An aside table of content displayed in a drawer layout;
  • A scroll-to-section feature when pressing a TOC entry.

This study will be a good opportunity to learn or revisit important techniques to master this library. Also note that the implementation, especially targeted CSS classes are inherently tied to how the website is structured. Since the React Native blog is built on Docusaurus, the implementation should be very easy to transpose in other docusaurus-based blogs.

Now, let's get to the heart of it ❤️